Jennifer Collin's Story 

 When I started training with Jessie Adams, I had little self-esteem and was defeated. 

I just had a baby and yearned to be healthy.  My transformation began instantly with Jessie not only physically but also mentally. 

Our first goal was to lose weight and body fat but had no idea where that was going to take me. Jessie did not only help me reach my goal but entered me into a national weightloss contest. I ended up placing in the top 25 of the U.S. wide Max Muscle contest.  When I say “our” I truly mean that.  She is 110% in it because she believes in you and your success.

Jessie’s motivation and training gave me the ability to:

Compete in a Figure competition: Run my first Relay Marathon: Completed my first Triathlon: Competed in Power Lifting events: Competed in Strongman: Completed Tough Mudder: Competed in Cross Fit Competition amongst many other events.

If I have a goal she works with me intimately to set up a diet and training schedule to achieve anything and everything.

In closing, the reason I have been successful with Jessie Adams training programs is simple:

“She Believes In You” 

Yours truly,

Indomitable Spirit- Jen Collins

Tawyna Block's Story 

 Jessie is an inspiration to all she comes in contact with. She is so motivating, positive, and knowledgeable of the health and fitness industry. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to lose weight or to start a career in fitness. She will help you reach whatever goal you're looking to achieve. Whether you just want to shed some pounds or compete in a fitness show or even become a fitness model Jessie is your girl,  she is well known and respected throughout the industry.

My journey started with Jessie years ago when I was looking to do my first fitness show. I was given her number from a local nutrition show owner. He told me Jessie was the best trainer in town for getting someone ready for a fitness show. I had in my mind I would train for awhile and give myself a year, that was my goal.
I called Jessie and she was competing herself in the Fitness Universe show in Miami, with that being said I was surprised she answered her phone. Needless to say she was very busy but she still took the time to talk about myself and my goals. That's just the selfless kind of person Jessie is. She truly wants to help everyone and do whatever it takes to help them be successful. To make a long story short my one year goal was too long for Jessie and I was on stage within 4 short months of training with her. I got top 5 in my class so she knows what she's doing and I trusted her 100% I'm so glad she push me to get out of my comfort zone. I'm so glad I called her, now I'm proud to be able to call her my friend!
Jessie opened lots of doors for me in the fitness industry. She introduced me to Photographers, and that lead to fitness modeling. With the amazing Photographers I met I was able to travel to many locations for paid photo shoots some even to other countries like Costa Rica, Bahamas, and Mexico. I have had so much fun in this industry!


Kaley Cillufo's Story 

When I first started working out with Jessie, I was an elite age group athlete looking to gain that extra edge.  With Jessie’s personalized training, I was able to increase my speed, endurance, and coordination, which later helped me earn a Division One athletic scholarship.  Jessie taught me basic fundamentals that grew and progressed with me as I became stronger, older, and more confident.  Regardless of your fitness background, Jessie recognizes what you need and what your limits are.  Whether your goal is big or small, Jessie will give you the knowledge, motivation, and guidance to surpass it.  She’ll work tirelessly to help you get the result you're after.  Jessie’s infectious passion for fitness will have you ready to tackle any workout!

Todd Vacek's Story 

 My Name is Todd Vacek.  It has always been a dream of mine to compete in bodybuilding.  I am a former competitive power lifter that won several bench press contests as well as overall contests in the past years.  I had one problem with my dream- I WAS FAT!!  I was 237lbs at my heaviest. I was ready for change and willing to work for it. So, I started a proper bodybuilding workout routine, stuck to a diet and meal plan, worked with experts like Jessie and before you know it the fat was stripped away and I was left with amazing results.  My dream of competing in bodybuilding was becoming a reality!  In my wildest dreams, I never thought any of this would be possible!   My first bodybuilding show I won two first places and a fifth.  The next show I competed in I won a first place and then a third.  All of this proves if you work hard, have a burning desire and dedication-your dreams will come true.  I continually look to be better than I was last year.  Win or lose I am only concerned about being better than I was last year.  

I started working with Jessie about 2 years ago when I wanted to get into bodybuilding.  She came highly recommended by my nurse practitioner as an excellent posing and diet coach to help me break into the bodybuilding realm.   Jessie is always friendly and upbeat and offers expert experience on how to pose.  Before I met Jessie I knew  absolutely nothing about any of the poses of bodybuilding.  She worked with me one on one and helped me  execute my poses with precision along with helping me come up  with a stellar posing routine for the evening show.   She was very patient!  She  is one of the reasons I was able to take the stage with confidence  for my first time doing a show.  Even today, I will meet with her so she can give me a tune up on the posing.  

 In the past, Jessie has put together a customized and detailed (just for me) diet plan for week of the show.  Unfortunately, I believe so many “other experts”  use cookie cutter diet plans-Not Jessie.   This is the most critical time for the bodybuilder and I rely on her for her expertise when it comes to this.  EVERYONE has an opinion on what to do and how to do it.  But who do you listen to?  Everyone has something different to say.  Jessie didn’t let me down for posing and nor did she let me down for peak week!  Jessie is stellar in both areas!

It has been such a positive journey  with wonderful people and  I will continue to compete in bodybuilding  and  hope to make another dream come true.  I would love to be in a magazine some day!


Thank you for all of your help,

Todd Vacek 





Jennifer Collins

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Tawnya Block 

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Kaley Cillufo 


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